Life’s Ferris Wheel


It has been said that life owes you nothing, and I agree. On a daily basis its concerning to see the dreadful look on the faces of most people. Clearly they are not too excited to be doing what they’re doing but yet they see no exit off this Ferris wheel named “life”. I bet if you were to ask any of them, “What the hell” are you doing to yourself”? They would not have an answer for you. Most people are going along with these daily routines without question. And by the time they figure out what they’ve been doing wrong they’re stuck somehow. Its like we add so much pressure on our already weighted down body, that when we see our faults its hard to get from under the weight.

So what should be done? Well for starters, we should all be in an ongoing search for ourselves. Find that thing that is right for you. So what you cant play sports, or sing and dance. There is out there, some thing that you and only you can do best. Your job is to find it. I don’t give a damn if you try everything under the sun. I know a lady who sits home and knits sweaters for a living, a $65,000 a year living. Hey that beats the hell out of digging ditches or making whoppers. And she does it all from the comforts of her home. So try that on for size. Your first assignment is to find out what it is that you do perfectly. Start out by getting a sheet of paper and write down all your qualifications. Then figure out ways to make money with them. You will be surprised at what you find. And if you find nothing, it’s time to get in the lab. You have to pay the price. Put the time in to learn something new. Start by writing down what you find interesting. And if you’re not qualified, flip burgers and invest in your own education. Hey, not everyone came from a wealthy family. I sure didn’t, I’ve flipped my share.


11 thoughts on “Life’s Ferris Wheel

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    This is true for every living human. Doing a thing you are passionate about makes life worthy of living, but do what the society imposes on you and you won’t realise when you wasted your life away…


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