If man does what he knows , shouldn’t he be mindful of what he learns? It’s funny, we often get what’s coming to us, because, well, we don’t seem to want to participate in our own lives.      I think there should be a point of reasoning where man takes all that he’s taught; hisContinue reading “Minion-2”

But , WHAT IF?

What if: What if this life is justly ordered? With a flick of the remote you’re changed, click! Your circumstances good, bad and some ridiculous, are brought about to mold you into who you’ll become. That firing from that menial job, forced you to seek other employment, and often times an even better situation. ThatContinue reading “But , WHAT IF?”

Free Your Mind

                                  Free Your Mind!                      Free Your Mind!                      FREE YOUR MIND!   Because there’s no limit to what the            free mind can do.. _ anansi2050 Posted from WordPress for Android

The Human Commodity

I don’t care much for Conspiracy Theories. I think the folks that do put too much time into making circumstances suit any set of situations and or agendas. But I have always thought of this idea of humans being a commodity, like a product. One that is stored, stocked, and used until expiration. Like aContinue reading “The Human Commodity”

Boats and Sails

This journey can be compared to a Sailboat wherein we should always have a port to sail to. Oftentimes we must anchor and assess where we’ve been and where we’re going. And sometimes, we must toss out the dead weight to stay afloat. Just a thought on an old idea…_ anansi2050 Posted from WordPress forContinue reading “Boats and Sails”


There’s a whole world out here!!   Q: Where is Man? A: He’s stuck in a world not of his choosing, seldom of his liking. _anansi2050 Posted from WordPress for Android

Change of Pace (Quote)

By no means change efforts of the past,  but isn’t it about time we use more of our “MINDS” instead of our hands and feet?_ anansi2050 Posted from WordPress for Android


Life isn’t meant to be comfortable all the time. It forces man’s hand so as to always be ” in action”, or perish! _anansi2050 Posted from WordPress for Android


The Game is called Life. So when you feel someone is playing games and you’re no longer interested, exclude yourself from said game, Solitaire, let them play themselves!_ anansi2050