The Human Commodity


I don’t care much for Conspiracy Theories. I think the folks that do put too much time into making circumstances suit any set of situations and or agendas. But I have always thought of this idea of humans being a commodity, like a product. One that is stored, stocked, and used until expiration. Like a battery used to fire up gadgetry, we fill shops, and businesses, and churches, and schools, without question, without thought. We just go along with the person before us in a single-file line.

So why is this done? Well, think about it. If we are grouped by our beliefs, cultures or sects it’s easy to keep track of us. And if you keep everyone marching to the same drummer, it’s easier to lead them to a “Utopia”, or over a “Cliff”. But, WHAT UTOPIA? WHAT CLIFF?

WAKE-UP!, and think for yourself.. _anansi2050


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