What’s in a Title?

Webster’s dictionary has the definition of the word Title as: The name given to something to identify or describe it. And as I analyze this definition it sparks an idea. We are either trying to live up to an externally imposed Title, and never really hitting the mark, hitting the target dead on, no more, no less, or exceeding this Title by leaps and bounds, the later being the rarest case.
       You might be saying, ” what’s the issue with that? ” Well the issue is that your Title could be something meaningful like a father, mother, or child, or something useless like a loser, Jack- ass or an ox. Take a look at that definition again. A description given to something to identify or describe it. What’s a father? Do you know? What’s a man? What’s a woman? Do you know? In actuality we know very little about our total potential because we have been a Title since birth, and when you give  something a Title you stifle its true possibilities, you negate the person, if we’re talking about humans. When you describe a human being by it’s race, gender, age etc., and then associate that description with attributes that are good or bad, you limit him or her as an individual. They will live and grow according to that standard that is set by the society in which they live. And once again, individualism becomes obsolete.

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