You are a combination of good and bad, ups and downs. Your special set of circumstances, brought about your special perspective. This is what makes you unique. There isn’t another person on the planet that’s exactly like you, you’ve heard it before. But, you are “NOT”, self-made, your awareness alone doesn’t solidify that. All it does is make you aware of “NOW”. You can’t change your past, that’s done!”. Perhaps you can alter your future by what you are doing now but that’s not a definite. If your circumstances didn’t warrant your present successes or failures, you would’ve never tasted them. So there we have it, you are a combination of heredity, genetics, environments, experiences, etc., you are “NOT” self-made! Think about it! Silence the arrogance! Respect everything!


5 thoughts on “Self-Made-“NOT”

  1. Great post! Many of the songs I have been hearing lately keep talking about how the artist made it to the top on their own. I think it is important to never forget where you came from. No person is ever self-made. We are a product of our environments and experiences.


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