It’s not that man “can’t handle the Truth”, he just doesn’t “want the Truth!” He doesn’t want it from you, and he doesn’t want it from himself. For example; just as man starts to feel great about himself, some old programming, way back in the subconscious reminds him that he is a failure. So unconsciously, he reverts back to, well–himself. Such a small trip, a minute taste of success, but that is the way he lives his life, forever evading the Truth, that he can only summon himself.

How about the Truth in others? Why does man dislike others who are living or pursuing their own Truth? Well, perhaps, it’s because it forces him to change. You see, the EGO likes to compete, so when man sees another searching for their own truth, envy starts to flare, and man begins to take part in something he wouldn’t have otherwise paid any attention to. So he does this half-ass job trying to compete while the other person continues to pull far ahead. This other person succeeds  because it is his vision and his heart is in it. But the  envy builds  and man finally figures he’d rather wipe the world clean of people who seek for truth, because his  poor, “little” self, has yet to find his own way. Well–you know the rest, our history speaks Truth–if you decide to hear.


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