Monday Morning Jitters


Why are people so miserable on Monday morning? Isn’t it just like any other day? Perhaps not, but lets explore. Why are most people miserable on Mondays? Well I hear the same complaints;  “I’m Tired” being No.1  and “The Weekend was too Short”, falls behind at No.2. So lets start with No. 1, “I’m tired”. Well–why are you so damn tired? “I partied all weekend”, they’ll say or “I chased the grandkids or the dog around the backyard”, or whatever reason they’ll come up with, they’re tired, and rightly so-I guess. But why are they tired every Monday? And when will they learn that if work is so strenuous through the week, perhaps they should relax on the weekend. And if this isn’t at all feasible, relax some and then play some. Your body needs some rest, so discipline yourself to have just a little bit of fun on the weekends. Perhaps even try to have some fun daily. That’s what I usually do, and by spreading the fun through my week, it keeps everyday exciting and put less strain on my weekend.

How about the No.2 complaint, “The Weekend being too Short?” This sort of ties into the first complaint. We spend Monday through Friday thinking of all the fun things to do on the weekend and “my goodness”, we try to fit five days of fun into two days, which is impossible. It’s like trying to devour a 20 lb. turkey in one setting, by yourself. It wont work unless you break it up and spread it out over more than two days. Try seven.


6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Jitters

  1. Very true. But a day is what you make it to be. Mindaays are miserable to most people coz they mind is set on that!
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