“A man should always be moving forward”, I think I have written that before– well at least somewhere. But–what seems to be getting in the way? What keeps forcing man to journey backward? Well as the post title states, it’s his “distractions”, and without stating the actual definition, I will proceed with just a generic ideaContinue reading “Distractions”


Bruce Lee said it best, “you must be formless, like water”,  and, “I can’t teach you what I know until you are willing to get rid of what you know!” Wow, that’s priceless!. And with  all such examples of wise men and doctrines available in public libraries and the internet, man still continues to exist blindly. EarlContinue reading “Just-“Thoughts””

“On The Road”

As I was driving on the highway the other day this thought came to mind. Riding on the highway is perhaps one of the only places we truly act on our own accord. Now there’s nothing wrong with acting on your own accord but not within this type of system, it can be fatal. IT–DRIVES–ME–MAD!,Continue reading ““On The Road””


What’s in your Curriculum? I’m not just targeting college students or the required education of K-12, but rather, ongoing learning for adults. What do you study on an ongoing basis? For some it maybe Finance, or Medicine, or something much different like, Horticulture or Foreign Language. I guess the question I’m really asking is, “what doContinue reading “Curriculum”


” Why do you cause so many problems in school, but yet when you’re in my presence there’s not a sound”, asked the father to his son? “Well, because you never profess perfection like the others”, he said. And at that, the father stood and replied, “some of my greatest teachers, were my imperfections!”

I Astronaut

Through conception we arrived on this planet, Mother Earth- we call it. We haven’t a clue from whence we came and where we’re going. But like that astronaut, who travels beyond our sky, we are explorers. We are the eyes of an intelligence that can never be duplicated. And with these eyes we should explore.Continue reading “I Astronaut”