” Why do you cause so many problems in school, but yet when you’re in my presence there’s not a sound”, asked the father to his son? “Well, because you never profess perfection like the others”, he said. And at that, the father stood and replied, “some of my greatest teachers, were my imperfections!”


6 thoughts on “EXPERIENCE

  1. Let us assume that all learning is a number of dialogues. The oratory (by the teacher) of historical, scientific and of a classroom discussion is essential.
    A boy or girl hears that ‘alcohol’ is a ‘chemical compound’ (and also a mixture) in a classroom presentation involving science and chemistry.
    We all have had some sort of experience in this are, I may assume, at least for arguments sake.


  2. The piint is that the teacher, may fail to know all the things that a student may ask. So seeking a better explaination (from an educator) of a higher level, on a continual basis always puts the student and teacher, in a state of “flux” or chang.


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