What’s in your Curriculum? I’m not just targeting college students or the required education of K-12, but rather, ongoing learning for adults. What do you study on an ongoing basis? For some it maybe Finance, or Medicine, or something much different like, Horticulture or Foreign Language. I guess the question I’m really asking is, “what do you study beyond your everyday work”, or what should we all be studying?”

Some of the greatest philosophers asked these same questions and gave some pretty relevant answers, I think. One very important line of study emphasized was the study of man, or ourselves. And I think that this is a  great place to start, if you are to become a better person. For starters, I’d like to say, that I never professed perfection, I too am a work in progress. And I have taken up this task of studying me, and so should you. This journey, this search, this study of man, has helped me understand myself and has brought clarity and purpose  into my life, and more than anything else, something to look forward to.

I started studying the greats from the oldest philosophies to the present. It was amazing, as I found that others before me, great men and women, had been through situations and circumstances just as tragic or worse than my own. But they endured, despite the hardships, and gained success–some only after death.

So where has man been? Just like that stupid Minion in one of my earlier post; “he’s in a world not of choosing, and very seldom of his liking.” We tend to like to take the front seat when something we find important is being given away, which is usually– “useless junk,” but we fight like crabs in barrel when the lesson is about ourselves–man. And some of us would rather go further and sit at the playground.


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