“On The Road”


As I was driving on the highway the other day this thought came to mind. Riding on the highway is perhaps one of the only places we truly act on our own accord. Now there’s nothing wrong with acting on your own accord but not within this type of system, it can be fatal.

IT–DRIVES–ME–MAD!, and yes I’m venting, to see someone driving 50 miles per hour when the speed limit is 65, and the highway is busy. This “un-aware” person doesn’t understand that this system requires “total” participation of all parties, at all times, such as in marriage, or partnership, or any other kind of relationship. Now I’m not married and I am no counselor, but I have observed countless groups of people, 2 or more, who are supposedly in an agreement  to work together, but are unaware that it takes a “total” commitment of both parties concerned and a shared objective or goal. For example: You can’t harbor the idea of saving money and investing while your significant other or business partner, shops frivolously, or you can’t seek self-improvement while the other is complacently indulging in television and junk food. These two examples are self-defeating and they won’t last. And if they do, one person or persons in the relationship will be selling themselves short.

So what about that person on the highway? Well–doing less than the required speed limit is just as stupid as going 100 miles over the speed limit, it’s dangerous, and the rate of tragedies on our highways is proof in of itself. We should do our best to be on the same accord when working together. And with all our individual thoughts and ideas, as long as they are relevant to the objective, they can be combined to form one mind, and all is a possibility.


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