Bruce Lee said it best, “you must be formless, like water”,  and, “I can’t teach you what I know until you are willing to get rid of what you know!” Wow, that’s priceless!. And with  all such examples of wise men and doctrines available in public libraries and the internet, man still continues to exist blindly. Earl Nightingale mentioned, ” you won’t learn Socrates by studying Socrates, the man,”–“you learn  Socrates, by studying Socratic thoughts!” That’s what it is, the “thoughts”, that’s what makes the man. What we consume on a daily basis, audio, and visual, can alter our thoughts, as I am sure you already know. So, what are you consuming on a daily basis, as far as your audio and or visual? Is it destructive or constructive? Have you ever questioned it? Does this stuff make sense for this day and age? I think not! As we run around beating anyone in the head that will listen with our beliefs and dogmas handed down to us, by in some cases, very primitive minds. We should be examining ourselves, and asking, “why is it this way?” And, why is there such discrepancies between good and poor music and movies? These questions lead most to bring up conspiracies, but I don’t believe in none of them. Is there an agenda by some? Of course there is! And that agenda is to make money, and lot’s of it. It’s not personal, it’s a machine, and  remember, we are just commodities. But the power is still in man’s hand. It is your decision, to buy it, or to leave it. When will man himself stand up and say “I’ve had enough!” Where are the great thinkers of our time? Chances are they get support from the same machine that taints a society.

Take a good look at society as a whole. Where you find pain and despair you find bad thoughts, bad food, bad music and bad t.v. So what does this prove? Well–people do what they know. And, if all they know is the destructive behavior of celebrity and music artist, then that’s what is spewed out into the environment. It’s funny, well-actually its “tragic”, to see people all being distracted in some way or other, and not paying much attention to themselves. We have a task to complete on earth, and no one knows when their mission is over or if it’ll self destruct because of inaction.


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