“A man should always be moving forward”, I think I have written that before– well at least somewhere. But–what seems to be getting in the way? What keeps forcing man to journey backward? Well as the post title states, it’s his “distractions”, and without stating the actual definition, I will proceed with just a generic idea off the top of my head. Distractions can be described as what we deliberately allow to keep our full attention most of the time or what keeps us off the path that was given to us by a power greater than ourselves.

For starters, I for one, never “profess perfection”, so I also get distracted from time to time. The difference is in my awareness. There are so many things clamoring for our time, some deliberately. As I observe the society I live in, the continent of the “good ole” U.S.A., I see a nation of consumers, and commodities, all packed together like well-polished products.  And this is not meant to downgrade the United States, this includes all countries. And if what I’m saying is not true in your country, just wait, it’ll be knocking at the door soon. The thing is that like those products we see on the shelves, the people can’t think, or rather, don’t think. And at that level of existence, they can’t produce anything worthwhile for themselves, so they produce for others, and feed off the crumbs that are left over. I did mention we are like commodities, didn’t I?

Total awareness of what you allow to distract you from your major goal is important. But, first, and in most cases, there must be a goal set. Do you know there are people living in this world  that haven’t even began to think of what they “really” want? With so many distractions we seem to forget our natural tendency to be good at one thing, sometimes to a level of being excellent at it. But as we become more aware and as we make this major assessment of ourselves, we should discard anything and everything that is not conducive to our major goal. These dam distractions-they are all clamoring for this allotment of 24 hours that we are given each day. And slowly we get off the path from time to time.


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