Guard Your Mind

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Everyone loves to see someone who is worse-off then themselves. I guess that’s why reality television has become such a hit lately. Even though at the moment, I don’t own a television, when I   do find myself in front of a reality television show it can be frightening to say the least. The morality is low and it seems like anything goes, as long as the ratings are high. But I wonder, “Who is watching this stuff”? And then I see the audience and I have my answer. It’s usually people with low self-images or none at all, or people who are down and out, who find comfort in other people’s drama. I only get a glimpse of it before my head starts to hurt, and then I have to turn away from it, or ask the owner to change the channel. It’s like the king and his royal fool, it aids in his vanity. “At least I’m not as stupid as the Royal Fool,” the king will say to himself. And “at least my life isn’t as screwed up as theirs,” the television owner will say. Now this is no attempt to attack television as a whole. I think there are good television shows that are out there, they just get pushed aside by shows with the most drama and chaos. It’s scary to think that this is what we’ve come to expect as a society. I don’t know. What do you think? I mean, what can you get out of watching so much television with all that chaos and drama? I guess that’s why we have some many empty minds from watching so many mindless shows, and wide bodies from watching so many wide flat-screen televisions. Hell, I’m no expert; it’s just an observation, as I take an open-minded look at our society and how it has changed.


26 thoughts on “Guard Your Mind

  1. This is fantastic,sort of a jester and the king’s court type society we live in now. Thanks for following me! I would love to do a collaboration with you!

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    1. Hi thank you for your comment. And once again I don’t condemn television. I don’t own one because I’m too busy enjoying and experiencing life. I rather experience it personally than watching it on the tube. Thanks again…

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  2. I don’t watch television, although I have a cable bill$$$$$ I do have to agree with your observation, some of my friends are so into the tv, they lose track of reality. It’s par for the course of modern day. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog post. I will see you soon. Blessings and peace! Have a great evening. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for the follow. I have enjoyed going through your posts

    I have a TV, but hardly watch it, and have it more for the kids, I try to encourage positive programming, and not the negative which reality TV portrays.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂



  4. TV works best when it sells back to the people what it took away from them in the first place, that’s why the programmers produce so much mundane rubbish.

    Personally I’d rather be bored than pacified, that way I’m forced to be creative, or at least active.

    Thanks for the follow and the likes, I will of course return the gesture.
    – I enjoy the way you write, and like the way you think.

    Be well and take care, E

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  5. There are several reasons (I believe) for the success of Reality TV shows: It pays big!! These are ‘regular’ people, not actors, and so are not demanding $1 million per episode. Plus there are virtually no writers (not any self-respecting TV writer) and so they save money there as well. Most TV shows have a multitude of writers and various experts (for shows like NCIS).

    As for the rest of television: it pretty much sucks. I remember the days before cable, there were only NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and a VHF and UHF station. Then came HBO. The first commercial free TV station. Now we had another choice…if we wanted to pay the $25 a month (or whatever it cost in 1972). Now, 40 years later we pay minimum of $150 a month for the privilege of having over 100 crappy stations. The worst being the all-news channels: CNN the top media whore going. It’s almost as bad as Fox News now. But as we dumb down the population with large doses of ‘Reality TV’, we can better deceive the population through it’s media. Clever King, no?

    Personally, I’m working on the computer, or reading a book.


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