You know—I’ve been working 24 years of my life so far. And you know what I’ve noticed? I’ve noticed that people for the most part are great people. They love  their families,  their community, and their country, but sometimes, just sometimes, they can become a—pain. They’re aggravated, and I don’t think they know why. I can relate, because at some point in my life I was walking around aggravated—totally pissed-off at my circumstances. Until I found out that it wasn’t the circumstances, it was  me!. I was just plain bored! And my aggravation was just my subconscious trying to get it through my “thick”—skull. It was trying to give me a swift kick in the backside so I would wake up! Begging me to wake up out my sedentary lifestyle and search  for true meaning, meaning that resonates with my spirit, my soul. I guess that makes me one of the “lucky” ones—well not really lucky, but it is a blessing to be able to know why you are feeling aggravated. Pardon the cliché: ‘ Knowing is half the battle”. Now that I know, I can start trying to do something about it. This is where all the hard work and determination comes into play. I sure feel sorry for the person who knows their ailment but sit and does nothing about it. They’ll probably complain about something  or someone, but they won’t take a close look at themselves. Just a thought…


75 thoughts on “Assessment

    1. It’s quite simple. Life doesn’t owe me anything! I get what I am not just what I want.It’s a harsh lesson to learn but quite obvious if you’re awake. Like most, I was asleep. Transformation is an ongoing process.

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  1. This is an interesting post. I feel you are right in saying people complain, but do little to rectify their own situation. Life is what you make it. I’ve been around for 66 years and have experienced my ups and downs, but I have always chalked it up to something learned. Thank you for following me.

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  2. If you want to cure the a problem I guess you start first by identifying and acknowledging the problem,if not, well nothing happens. So glad you did it. And glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog.

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  3. You are perfect right. Mostly it depends on our attitude the way we are going through. Otherwise the first stress is in our brain. Just try to understand from where is coming and once did, half problem is done. The other half is the action. Trying to be a positive one. Depends again in how we understand the situation.
    Deep topic. And great to share it. 🙂

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  4. Good points to go along with the excellent graphic. See the hall pass in the previous post made me think of this … the purpose of assessment is to figure out what to do next – and in education, that doesn’t mean the next chapter.

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  5. I came to see who was following me
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    Having come I am impressed with what I see
    and for following me I am thankful to thee.

    🙂 Good post will come back for more.

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  6. very true words, life’s varieties and the pressures of everyday can be so overwhelming you totally lose sight of what your focus should be, and if you don’t jerk yourself up, you”l get stuck in the cliche and boredom, even much worse, unfulfilment. thanks a lot! what a wake up call

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  7. I can’t agree more.Experience, expressed at its best.One must have enough brain maturity and a little bit of philosophical orientation-then life can be Heaven.Thanks for your article .We are the cause for our own headaches. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. This is more than a thought; it is an accurate assessment. The first step is recognizing one’s life is “out of balance.” The next step is making a cognitive decision to do something about it. You don’t have to succeed entirely with your first attempt. But you do have to make an attempt to create a new baseline to work from. Action steps require diligence and persistence. Sometimes it is difficult to kick yourself in the posterior repeatedly. As success is achieved, the struggles become easier to deal with. It sounds like you are moving in a great direction. Good luck!

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  9. The problem about having a fractured pshcology based on an inherent instability is that whatever solutions you find inevitable become corrupted, before becoming another layer of the problem

    And the only adaptable source of resolution is found within another human, which is hard to find when you’re naturally wired to be anti-social

    There’s a joke in there somewhere!

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  10. This cartoon reminds me of so many aspects of my working years; where managers and supervisors often felt humiliation and ridicule were the best motivators, instead of encouragement and praise. But I’ve always known that people will get what’s coming to them – whether good or bad. It may not happen right away, but it gets there. If anything, though, my tenure in corporate America has given me plenty of fodder for a work-related series I’m working on right now for my blog. That’s how I’ve often coped with the stresses of the world, work-related or not. I’d write about things in my journal. Now I have my blog. Of course, names are changed to protect myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  11. ”Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like … Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”— Rainer Maria Rilke


  12. Such good post but do you think most people on earth assess what they have or do or rather evaluate what they think or do? 🙂 Really good
    And thank you very much for following my blog! 🙂
    ❤ D


  13. We’re all guilty of complaining but I think some people make an occupation of it! I agree that life is definitely what you make it and it’s too short to be moaning about the lack of bags at the supermarket! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. 🙂


  14. I totally agree with your message, and like you, at one point in my life I blamed my circumstances and then I grew up and realized I had to do something about me if I wanted to change to happen in my life. Great message here.

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