Hall Pass

hall_pass_pad_neon_green_note_pads-rbbd3fa2bdcac405cb17a03e9b741fb91_amb08_8byvr_512.jpg-Hall Pass

We are all Students and I am going to give you this hall pass to life and it has no return time on it. I need you to walk carefully but boldly right out that door and experience life. But this time I want you to be aware of everything in its entirety.  I want you to really experience life this time. The sky is the limit! You can do absolutely what you want to do with this Hall Pass. But–be mindful of the power this gives you because you can do some constructive things as well as some destructive things to yourself. There are flowers out there to bring you joy and there are weeds out there that will bring you pain. There are also flowers out there with thorns, so stay alert, but enjoy the experience. As you go along, write down your name, and where you are going, but reject anyone who says you can’t get to where you want to go. Show them this Hall Pass, and tell them, ANANSI2050 says this clears me to go anywhere my heart desires. Make up your mind when you write down your name, and begin to associate your name with greatness. You are greatness when you make up your mind to be that and nothing else! Now don’t make a mistake of thinking this Hall Pass will allow you to escape hardships that are sure to come your way. This just allows you access. What you do on your journey is up to you– only! This Hall Pass is just a reminder that you are on a journey to handle business, but at some point you must return. The Time is NOW! GO!


27 thoughts on “Hall Pass

  1. This reminds me of the close to 300 hours of sick time and 100 plus hours of vacation time I’ve built up in my job of 30 years – the job I’m planning a leap of faith away from in 2016. I lose whatever sick time I don’t take. Hall pass. Hmmm. What a great idea!


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