I’m not Writing just to say I’m Right… :)

I’m not Writing just to say I’m Right!!

Like most people that blog, I write because I love to write. In other words, it’s just an opinion—my opinion. And an opinion is just that, a person’s view based on the knowledge that they have at hand.

Sometimes I find that I am wrong and I adjust. The factual information was just not readily available to me at the time or I just ignored the obvious, so I may state things that may ruffle a few feathers here or there. But is that all so bad if it warrants a correction from my audience? No! I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers, those that agree and those who might disagree. When a question arises, I examine my thoughts, compare it to the facts they present, and no offense is taken because of that correction. It’s a free education. Lol!

What makes it all worth the trouble is the fact that we can all bounce ideas (Opinions) off of each other, no matter how absurd, and just maybe, we will all begin to think. Well–at least just a little.

I figured I would post the idea that most of us are not experts, just a few good people with big ideas to post on a forum such as WordPress.





173 thoughts on “I’m not Writing just to say I’m Right… :)

  1. I try not to “correct” someone unless the information is so blatantly wrong. Statistics are a bad way to judge “right” or “wrong” since they can be so easily manipulated. In the end I agree with you, we are entitled to our opinions and it is our blog after all.

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  2. Lovely , but I would like to rectify a line , it is an opinion you ve said but actually it is an expression , expressed and impression of your opinion. I loved the writing, felt like reading my own feelings .

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  3. I like your remarks and thanks for following my blog. Just a word of advice from a seasoned blogger. Don;t get carried away with too many tags. Google and others will not rate you well or put your article toward the front. 15 is supposed to be max. It used to be 10, but they increased it. That includes Categories and Tags combined. Want you to have a successful blog, so thought I’d pass along the tip. Keep up the writing.

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  4. We are all on different paths and journeys that intersect and intertwine. We cross over the same footsteps for a time and then deviate far away. We hear the same song and interpret in different ways, but it makes the experience so much more tantalizing to consider new ideas and unique blends of all our opinions, blending our voices and words in bliss or in heated arguments. It is the human experience, and we must all join in the dance or the brawl … whatever may come and whenever it occurs. Hopefully, we will shake hands at the end or share a hug or kiss on the cheek, agreeing to disagree or be spiritually enlightened by the experience … sharing, caring, and growing beyond what I was a few minutes ago when I started writing this to you so rapidly I could barely get the words down quick enough. I’m so glad you saw my poem on writers that just must write to live their lives to the fullest. Little did I know that I was writing it for you as well. You have touched my soul with your pen. Thank you, Deborah A. Bowman

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  5. Hi There – Great article! Thanks for following me. I too am opinionated and believe that we need to think through issues. I look forward to seeing how you think. I know for the most part, the majority will never agree with me, but that’s okay. I just looked up your name because I just noticed the spider. I’ll still follow even though I am afraid of spiders.

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    1. Lol! I’m terrified of spiders as well. I just love the concept of Anansi the spider. I love African Folklore do I chose the name because I love telling stories packed with some wisdom. Thank you

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  6. I view writing as everyone has there own style. There’s no right or wrong way to write, because I’m more concerned with if the writing is interesting.

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  7. A National Geographic of writers and artists, whose postings have shown especial interest in providing me with evolving ideas with respect to both writing and artistic imagination. Nice to meet you, Th’Andre. Peace.

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  8. I’ve gotten in trouble disagreeing with people on the web, and (less often) in person. So I don’t really do it much anymore, which means I don’t have many interesting discussions anymore, which is sad. I would love it if people commented on my posts and disagreed with me. I may argue with them, but I’d love it. When I do that on other people’s blogs, they’re more likely to attack my motivations or the basis of my opinion, rather than trying to use logic and reason to counter it. It’s a very stale, intellectually dead world out there on the internet.

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    1. Yes it can be. I do get a few comments that are quite questionable but I usually detect the hostility and don’t respond. Some you’ll never see eye to eye with. Its their choice, to leave or to read on. Thank you..

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  9. Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and opinions. Thank you for being truthful in your words and intents. I am just beginning blogging finding strength in writing and hoping that others will read and comment and share. I want my blog to reach others who have had similar experiences and share their strength with others.

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  10. I love that you can handle critique so well. In a good way I envy you! I struggle with people pleasing. Trying to please everyone all the time is so hard and I know it’s impossible. I recently learned that Ian Fleming would consider all of his critiques from his fans and letters. It’s a quality and an honorable characteristic indeed!

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    1. Its definitely something I had to learn. I’m only passing a few thoughts and ideas. They won’t always resonate with everybody but I can’t let that distract me. I’ve come a long way, about one step, and there’s so much more to do. Thank you..

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  11. I love this post, and I love blogging. Thanks for following my blog, and I’m certainly going to follow yours. I’d love it if you also follow my blog, Just Write that I’m getting off the ground. marshajustwrites.com.

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  12. OH – I have been known to ruffle a few feathers myself! I Came to say thinks for finding me. I will be back to read some of those opinions you have. Some people are unable to think for themselves and only repeat soundbites – so this should be interesting. Sleep well my new friend!

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    1. I figured out that if I had to ruffle a few feathers to get them to think, then what the hell! I love the company, even if it’s in opposition. Thanks for stopping in. I will continue to follow and read your blog as well.

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  13. Everyone has their opinion, their perspective. By writing we explore and share our perspective. Someone may think of things in a little different way, and help us to consider new information, and reach a new understanding. We can be smarter together.

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  14. I have to agree with you on this….thia piece is also in a way a sort of reminder to all of us writing to be responsible enough. ..responsible not to step unto someobe else shoes when publishing something. …because let’s admit it no mattee what we do, things published will forever leave a mark. ..not maybe to everyone but at least to someone. ..

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  15. Ha! I write to say I am right and to get people to agree with me! No. Just kidding. I write a lot of the time to just put a recipe down so I can have it online and I don’t have to pull out a recipe book. Plus when it is online I can use it as a shopping list. Also, some of my posts are about my cats, don’t care if I get called a crazy cat lady.

    I am not a writer. I agree with your free education idea! 🙂

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