To be in judgement of thee is to be in judgement of me. So let me begin.

“Once man knows God he will not beg,” says Emerson. So as I read and comprehend that phrase I say all of a man’s actions will be a prayer. God is the all being, the source, the energy. So thereby doing certain things good or bad we become those things. And in that we are praying by our deeds and actions. Oh, and I did say “Let Thy Work be Thy Prayer”.

  We laugh looking askance at the tribal men and women of our ancestry, dancing with the stamp of the feet and the wiggle of the waist; then again we fail to see our foolish ways. These men and women are in prayer.

  Not one word is spoken, outside of a primitive tribal shriek of excitement, which bellows out more scripture then 1000 preachers, at one pew, at one church, at the same time, so silently.

  We walk blindly and only see what our entrapped minds allow us to see. Our food dulls our sense of smell and taste, loud noises dulls our hearing, televisions and movies blows out the wick of the candle in both irises.

  Man has become an automaton, treading the earth in a calculated destruction. He creates chemicals that destroy the oxygen that consummate his life. Creates governments and has rule and power over both sides. Yet he adamantly preaches checks and balances in the University where “true” understanding is capped at the level of the dunce.

  In an era where true conversations acquiesce, and nonsense and foolishness is in the spotlight, we’ve become great imitators. But whom are we imitating, but those who are following customs laid before their own feet, unchecked?

  Deep within I scream in horror at the repeated phrases of great men, past and gone, in the mouth of a fool, who can’t preach it well for lack of true comprehension. To comprehend well you must experience much, yet your experiences will be much different, but similar.

  Life is a maze encumbered by journeymen and sheep. The true man on the journey explores her stripped of any descriptions, whilst the sheep graze and feed straightforward into brick walls and revolving doors.


14 thoughts on “2018 SELF ASSESMENT II

  1. Never thought of prayer this way, but you’re completely correct. Oh, and the dunciness of just following, that’s another level that I’ve been aware of for quite some time, but have never heard anyone mention, …until now.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I just try my best to invoke some ideas to open up honest dialogue because its troubling at times to see how far we’ve gotten as human beings and yet we’re slowly losing our humanity.

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  2. Love your post and your overall thinking and want to share with you something I wrote a long time ago. It is called:

    Source by Anne Copeland

    I thought Source was a God.
    A God who was Perfect.
    A God who could do no wrong
    A god pure and dressed in white
    Floating somewhere above the world
    Above the universe.
    But the Bible says
    God created us in his image.
    And so I thought about that.
    There are people of every color
    Every culture
    Every belief system
    And there are all kinds of strange things and strange people
    That got put together on this earth.
    And what does that say about this image?
    Who is this God – this energy – this creator – this source?
    Maybe he, she, or it
    Is creative in the wildest sense of the word.
    Maybe this source has a sense of humor.
    Maybe Source is capricious and doesn’t stop to think
    About whether anything matches, or whether it fits
    Or whether it will even work
    Or whether it will be destructive.
    Maybe everything really belongs.
    And it is our consciousness
    That is a mistake.


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  3. I really like your blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. 🙂


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