Bruce Lee said it best, “you must be formless, like water”,  and, “I can’t teach you what I know until you are willing to get rid of what you know!” Wow, that’s priceless!. And with  all such examples of wise men and doctrines available in public libraries and the internet, man still continues to exist blindly. Earl Nightingale mentioned, ” you won’t learn Socrates by studying Socrates, the man,”–“you learn  Socrates, by studying Socratic thoughts!” That’s what it is, the “thoughts”, that’s what makes the man. What we consume on a daily basis, audio, and visual, can alter our thoughts, as I am sure you already know. So, what are you consuming on a daily basis, as far as your audio and or visual? Is it destructive or constructive? Have you ever questioned it? Does this stuff make sense for this day and age? I think not! As we run around beating anyone in the head that will listen with our beliefs and dogmas handed down to us, by in some cases, very primitive minds. We should be examining ourselves, and asking, “why is it this way?” And, why is there such discrepancies between good and poor music and movies? These questions lead most to bring up conspiracies, but I don’t believe in none of them. Is there an agenda by some? Of course there is! And that agenda is to make money, and lot’s of it. It’s not personal, it’s a machine, and  remember, we are just commodities. But the power is still in man’s hand. It is your decision, to buy it, or to leave it. When will man himself stand up and say “I’ve had enough!” Where are the great thinkers of our time? Chances are they get support from the same machine that taints a society.

Take a good look at society as a whole. Where you find pain and despair you find bad thoughts, bad food, bad music and bad t.v. So what does this prove? Well–people do what they know. And, if all they know is the destructive behavior of celebrity and music artist, then that’s what is spewed out into the environment. It’s funny, well-actually its “tragic”, to see people all being distracted in some way or other, and not paying much attention to themselves. We have a task to complete on earth, and no one knows when their mission is over or if it’ll self destruct because of inaction.

“On The Road”


As I was driving on the highway the other day this thought came to mind. Riding on the highway is perhaps one of the only places we truly act on our own accord. Now there’s nothing wrong with acting on your own accord but not within this type of system, it can be fatal.

IT–DRIVES–ME–MAD!, and yes I’m venting, to see someone driving 50 miles per hour when the speed limit is 65, and the highway is busy. This “un-aware” person doesn’t understand that this system requires “total” participation of all parties, at all times, such as in marriage, or partnership, or any other kind of relationship. Now I’m not married and I am no counselor, but I have observed countless groups of people, 2 or more, who are supposedly in an agreement  to work together, but are unaware that it takes a “total” commitment of both parties concerned and a shared objective or goal. For example: You can’t harbor the idea of saving money and investing while your significant other or business partner, shops frivolously, or you can’t seek self-improvement while the other is complacently indulging in television and junk food. These two examples are self-defeating and they won’t last. And if they do, one person or persons in the relationship will be selling themselves short.

So what about that person on the highway? Well–doing less than the required speed limit is just as stupid as going 100 miles over the speed limit, it’s dangerous, and the rate of tragedies on our highways is proof in of itself. We should do our best to be on the same accord when working together. And with all our individual thoughts and ideas, as long as they are relevant to the objective, they can be combined to form one mind, and all is a possibility.



What’s in your Curriculum? I’m not just targeting college students or the required education of K-12, but rather, ongoing learning for adults. What do you study on an ongoing basis? For some it maybe Finance, or Medicine, or something much different like, Horticulture or Foreign Language. I guess the question I’m really asking is, “what do you study beyond your everyday work”, or what should we all be studying?”

Some of the greatest philosophers asked these same questions and gave some pretty relevant answers, I think. One very important line of study emphasized was the study of man, or ourselves. And I think that this is a  great place to start, if you are to become a better person. For starters, I’d like to say, that I never professed perfection, I too am a work in progress. And I have taken up this task of studying me, and so should you. This journey, this search, this study of man, has helped me understand myself and has brought clarity and purpose  into my life, and more than anything else, something to look forward to.

I started studying the greats from the oldest philosophies to the present. It was amazing, as I found that others before me, great men and women, had been through situations and circumstances just as tragic or worse than my own. But they endured, despite the hardships, and gained success–some only after death.

So where has man been? Just like that stupid Minion in one of my earlier post; “he’s in a world not of choosing, and very seldom of his liking.” We tend to like to take the front seat when something we find important is being given away, which is usually– “useless junk,” but we fight like crabs in barrel when the lesson is about ourselves–man. And some of us would rather go further and sit at the playground.


” Why do you cause so many problems in school, but yet when you’re in my presence there’s not a sound”, asked the father to his son? “Well, because you never profess perfection like the others”, he said. And at that, the father stood and replied, “some of my greatest teachers, were my imperfections!”

I Astronaut


Through conception we arrived on this planet, Mother Earth- we call it. We haven’t a clue from whence we came and where we’re going. But like that astronaut, who travels beyond our sky, we are explorers. We are the eyes of an intelligence that can never be duplicated. And with these eyes we should explore. We should seek a basic understanding of man and his habitation. We should ask questions like; what should we eat? What should we do? What should we strive for? How can we get the best living out of this thing called the body, that our spirit has been attached to? We should be relentless in our observations like the absorption of a sponge, taking in nothing but the best nourishment for our bodies and our minds.

At some time in the past every man was on a quest to find himself. But somewhere, somehow, we lost this natural propensity to be inquisitive. And in its place, we’ve become somewhat like- programmed mannequins, as we move about in this “Sea of the Dead”, as a buddy of mine likes to put it.  We live mere copy-cat lives. “Let’s Google it” we say, and with that millions of possible answers are readily available in seconds. But they could be wrong answers! And unless we take a personal initiative to explore for ourselves, the information we gather is no more than B.S., and we all know what that means. But just like that astronaut who explores but returns home, we to must return to our true essence. Such a long journey, but it’s worth it.

Why Don’t We Question?


Why this group has, and that group doesn’t? Why is this area down-trodden and that area so pristine? Why don’t we ask why is it so dangerous here but safe over there? Why aren’t we asking the right questions? Why aren’t we asking questions that will warrant great answers? Well–probably because of the fear of answering the right questions. Answering the right questions calls for “Action”, and Self-Examination”, two things, men dread!

Monday Morning Jitters


Why are people so miserable on Monday morning? Isn’t it just like any other day? Perhaps not, but lets explore. Why are most people miserable on Mondays? Well I hear the same complaints;  “I’m Tired” being No.1  and “The Weekend was too Short”, falls behind at No.2. So lets start with No. 1, “I’m tired”. Well–why are you so damn tired? “I partied all weekend”, they’ll say or “I chased the grandkids or the dog around the backyard”, or whatever reason they’ll come up with, they’re tired, and rightly so-I guess. But why are they tired every Monday? And when will they learn that if work is so strenuous through the week, perhaps they should relax on the weekend. And if this isn’t at all feasible, relax some and then play some. Your body needs some rest, so discipline yourself to have just a little bit of fun on the weekends. Perhaps even try to have some fun daily. That’s what I usually do, and by spreading the fun through my week, it keeps everyday exciting and put less strain on my weekend.

How about the No.2 complaint, “The Weekend being too Short?” This sort of ties into the first complaint. We spend Monday through Friday thinking of all the fun things to do on the weekend and “my goodness”, we try to fit five days of fun into two days, which is impossible. It’s like trying to devour a 20 lb. turkey in one setting, by yourself. It wont work unless you break it up and spread it out over more than two days. Try seven.

The “Despised” Thinker


You think I didn’t know, that you despise my thoughts and ideas? My voice, you think I didn’t know, that you hate this  heavy, thunderous voice of mine, the kind only fit for a king? You think that I didn’t know that you detected my consciousness, by mere question, something with which, I never hid, and you are in awe with the responses that I continue to give? Yet- I wish you no harm, and love you as I’ve come to love myself, and I offer you freedom too!..



It’s not that man “can’t handle the Truth”, he just doesn’t “want the Truth!” He doesn’t want it from you, and he doesn’t want it from himself. For example; just as man starts to feel great about himself, some old programming, way back in the subconscious reminds him that he is a failure. So unconsciously, he reverts back to, well–himself. Such a small trip, a minute taste of success, but that is the way he lives his life, forever evading the Truth, that he can only summon himself.

How about the Truth in others? Why does man dislike others who are living or pursuing their own Truth? Well, perhaps, it’s because it forces him to change. You see, the EGO likes to compete, so when man sees another searching for their own truth, envy starts to flare, and man begins to take part in something he wouldn’t have otherwise paid any attention to. So he does this half-ass job trying to compete while the other person continues to pull far ahead. This other person succeeds  because it is his vision and his heart is in it. But the  envy builds  and man finally figures he’d rather wipe the world clean of people who seek for truth, because his  poor, “little” self, has yet to find his own way. Well–you know the rest, our history speaks Truth–if you decide to hear.