But , WHAT IF?


What if:

What if this life is justly ordered? With a flick of the remote you’re changed, click! Your circumstances good, bad and some ridiculous, are brought about to mold you into who you’ll become. That firing from that menial job, forced you to seek other employment, and often times an even better situation. That relationship you once enjoyed that turned sour, was never sweet in the first place. Perhaps the packaging was pretty, but nevertheless, it didn’t work. Yet and still, you moved on and found that love that was right for you. Or how about that brand new car of yours and how it lost 10-20% of its value as soon as the key hit the ignition. And those kids of yours that you’ve spoiled rotten, turned out every other way, but right!

Well, but what if that remote could be manipulated or altered? What if somehow we can adjust our state of affairs to our benefit? I think we can and its possible.  

  Our goals and aspirations must be considered, and if everything is justly ordered we must be careful as not to ask for shoes we can’t fill, or rather, really want to fill. I hear stories of those who aspire for big positions but yet they refuse to read one textbook on the subject. They’re not that serious and when things get tough, they change directions towards something more comfortable. When you ask for your wishes and goals to be granted a big chain of events are put into place. Sometimes it’s hardship , heartache, or misfortune, other times it’s success, joy, and fortune, but that is the way this remote works. Often we run from our own blessings because of fear. And without these ups and downs, success is always missed…

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9 thoughts on “But , WHAT IF?

  1. This is amazing, a few weeks ago I dedicated my life to manipulate the controlled program. I love how you wrote this, and if you do truly believe. Then look, look as hard as you can. You can start to manipulate your life. I am already on my way, and I wish you luck. -awesomergirl (^∇^)

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  2. I have found this strange, whenever I am near electronics. I sort of notice that they start to glitch and malfunction. If you try your hardest to enable this trait, you will be able to change what was programmed for us to do. -awesomergirl


    1. That’s why we must always be in action so as to avoid the pitfalls of standing still. If you know what your good at you should be working on that thing constantly or that thing will work on you.

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  3. Reblogged this on awesomergirl and commented:
    This is amazing. You have a choice. Be what you are programmed to be, or change the program. If you choose the first one, don’t waist any more of your time. If you choose the second one, I wish you luck. This will be hard, I have already started my journey. I hope you will join me in the changing of the program. Except I warn you, you will see and do things you can’t explain. You will be able to change the program if you just look, look as hard and as close as you can. It may be easy for some who are gifted at making things glitch. This is exactly what you need to enable to change the program. You need to try as hard as you can to tap into the waves and software. It is difficult, it might even be painful. But I tell you one thing. If you stop working on the program, the program will work on you…
    -awesomergirl (^∇^)

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