Hypnotic Rhythm




I heard a comment the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks–well at least mentally. This comment has probably been repeated for ages but the person that said it spoke with so much conviction that I don’t think they knew the impact it had on a serious listener. This individual, like most people, was spewing out things so fast, I don’t think they noticed the heart intervening with their rant when they mentioned the word; L.O.V.E. This person seemed to think L.O.V.E. doesn’t exist anymore. They thought that things were somehow better in the old days. I bet people in the old days probably thought the same thing, but that’s beside the point.

 This rant from this stranger got me to thinking about the hypnotic rhythm mentioned by the late Napoleon Hill in his latest book. Might I add early, this book is not for the simple-minded or the faint of heart. You must be truly committed to self-examination to find the treasure that is within this book which was written in the late 1930’s to 40’s but wasn’t published until 2011. But this idea of a hypnotic rhythm stuck with me the most and like most thinkers I delve deeper, not in the book per se, but into my own mind. And what I found in that attic was startling. There were more questions than insight. Questions such as; What if there is a natural flow of things and I have been all wrong? What if everything– is just energy, positive and negative? And– why do our societies seem to perpetuate the negative? And lastly– who else knows what I know?

Now these questions can be quite scary for the person who lives an idle life and conforms to tradition. And on the other hand a major confirmation for those who “think”. What I mean is–it’s hard to go around loving everyone like a hippie when there is no love returned. But it’s necessary and could offset some of the tragedies we’ve seen throughout history.

As far as positive and negative, I think we absorb what we chose to absorb. It is all part of life, the good and the bad. The only thing about that is, after doing a certain thing for so long it becomes a rhythm that we cannot break away from, called habit. And remember the little ones we have in training, they’re watching and learning.

How about our society’s love of the negative aspect of things? There seems to be a lot of thrill seekers in the world. People seem to be in love with fear and violence. I think this perpetuation of the negative forces people towards what they think is a safer alternative. The problem is the alternative can be just as deadly for one. And secondly, they are not in control of their own lives. Someone else is making the decisions for them. How many people, can actually say, that they live a life, that they have fully examined, and that this life they chose was made by them only? Not many, and I am certain of that. So evaluate your fears and see if the alternative is any better. As a matter of fact, decide for yourself, from the many choices under the sun, the true path that resonates with your heart.

Now for the last question; who else knows what I know? For starters, I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Why? Because, I believe at any time you can walk away from all labels, dogmas, and external distractions that were inherited by you after birth. But there seems to be a fear of a secret society, and I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist. I’m just saying that there is no secret unless you are conforming. Even joining such groups is a form of conformity. There’s rituals, and sayings and symbols. Who came up with this stuff? And why is using your mind to think for yourself such a problem?  The rhythm of love has always been there, it just has been silenced the more we become advanced as human beings. L.O.V.E. does exist. You must choose. These are just thoughts.



93 thoughts on “Hypnotic Rhythm

  1. all things have just nagative n positive aspects.i think dt dis all r depended on our attitude when v may take dis positively or nagetively.dis hypnotic rhythm is surrounded on whole human world.

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly w/ your statement that each of us must choose: love or hate, good or evil. As you say, there is little safety in conformity.

    I differ w/ you, to some extent, on whether we absorb only what we choose to absorb. That may be true, in a theoretical sense. We can (and should) reject ideas which are false, and courses of action which are hateful. We cannot, however, choose all the circumstances of our lives. Crime victims — especially children — can be heavily impacted. They have no choice in the matter.

    I cannot agree that we have become more advanced as human beings. Technology has certainly advanced. But human nature remains the same — just as prone to crime, war, and social injustice. As a Christian, I would say that’s the reason we need a Savior in the Person of Jesus Christ. We cannot manage to save ourselves.

    All in all, an interesting post!

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    1. I agree fully and I am speaking in theory mostly. Our circumstances truly shape us all, some good, others tragic. And in theory you would think we’ve gotten better as human beings but in actuality we seem to be going backwards. Those are some great points. Thank you so much

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  3. It is interesting as human beings how we naturally seem to gravitate toward the negative.

    It takes work to have a positive outlook on life, and to choose to love. It is these people who seem to be popular and have the joy of living! 🙂

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  4. I just finished a book about negative thought verse positive thoughts. Very good post here. It goes along with what I read perfectly 🙂

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  5. I enjoyed reading this – your style is very straightforward! Very true what you say about how we gravitate towards and perpetuate the negative. I always think about why it’s much easier to be negative than it is to be positive. Now isn’t that a negative thought?!

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  6. Awesome post. I love when our brains dive deeper and deeper. Here’s something that is perplexing to me; most knowledge is a form of conformity. The majority of what we know has been learned by, others teaching us, or from books others have written. Even our parents teach us what was taught to them.

    I believe real knowledge is what we learn when we strip away all preconceived notions and seek understanding as if it were all new. What could we learn about human behavior if we knew nothing about the past? I often try to think about situations in ways that feel unnatural. It’s freeing.
    Anyways, I found your post interesting and liked a new perspective on the older than man, battle of good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative.

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    1. I agree, we do get our knowledge from others. Now what we do with these thoughts in ideas determines our perspective. We may add to what we learn or even discard it all together. Man should progress, in that way we learn, but yet we still don’t know much. Thanks for the comment. I learned something and I love learning.

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    2. Much knowledge is that of conformity. Great comment! Reminds me a lot of the ‘truther’ movement and how i’ve recently began to retrain my own brain to be more open to the truths of our world rather just parrot preconceived notions.


  7. I try to fight negativity by constantly offering ‘Hugs’ to everyone in the hopes that some rub off and start passing the hugs on .I’ve found it to be fairly successful so far. It is easier to lean towards negativity so it’s better to apply thought to all actions and look for the positive to follow. I’m guilt of not always doing this.

    I agree there’s a fear of a secret society waiting to take over the world but the best way to counter the fear is to actively join in the society that doesn’t want this to happen, the chances are good that it won’t. I can’t agree that we need a saviour as Anne suggests. It’s too easy to rely on someone else to do what we should do for ourselves.We must make the effort to save ourselves and take responsibility. Religion has caused many divisions in the world which causes much negativity. We should consider ourselves as part of one people with different ways and just accept each other, not want to parade how we are better because we have a saviour and you don’t, remembering that other religions would not accept the Christian one even if he were genuine.
    You offer much to think about.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  8. The lack of love is very noticeable, in fact. The self-love, self-admiration, self-glorification actually tell that there is something wrong with love. Pretense and showing off I-wish-I-had or I-wish-I-were states sort of adds to so many having not only two faces, but one for any occasion. We have to return to our lost selves sometimes, and social media and internet have brought out not only good stuff, but lots of bad stuff, as well. Pretending everything is great and there is no ugliness in this world does not make it true. We don’t have to absorb anything which we deem unsuitable or not improving our life. However, closing eyes, on destructive behaviors, lies and distorted facts about reality does not make anything better either. I’m writing about these things here: https://inesepogalifeschool.com/
    I’m not a supporter of naive positivism, but rather a realistic optimist. I am for honesty, clarity and I like people who think, like you who is showing the movement of your thoughts in these posts.

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  9. There is a significant body of work by at quantum physics is Henry Stapp discussing advanced work and proofs of the Copenhagen theory. This theory ultimately proves that what we believe we actually created as a reality around ourselves and outlines a mechanism of tubules in the brain that are the physical manifestation of this “creation” mechanism. if you can’t find something that’s what I call one of his plain English pieces (you won’t need advanced mathematics to read them), let me know I have several stored in dropbox.

    PS: Thanks for the follow

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    1. This is something I have been studying in a slightly different form via The Silent Eye Mystery School out of the U.K., and it is a multi-study that revolves about different ways we form our thoughts and beliefs about the world around us and about our own selves.

      I subscribed to your site too as I am very interested in this topic and many others as well. Thank you kindly. Anne


      1. Thank you for stopping in. It feels so good to be alive! Finally seeing with a new compass. A compass given to us by the divine. We too can tell a story like the greats that came before us. As a matter of fact, we can paint, sculpt, or write miracles.


  10. Love certainly does exist and needs to exist, be nurtured to exist even. Love your thinking – a fellow disciple, hahaha! (Joke – I can tell instantly – you are not a disciple of anything at all.)

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  11. Thanks for the follow and here’s a hopeful thought: I think that the problem that you describe is a relatively recent phenomenon that grows out of our distancing from nature. This creates a social condition in which controlling the people around us is a more reliable route to power than organizing them for mutual benefit. Even in the past, that was often an insular process – we picked our little groups and treated outsiders as animals. But love was at least a necessary element of survival.

    I’ll close by noting that the future is barreling towards an era in which we will no longer be able to ignore nature, and everybody is going to have to contribute to our survival as a species. That may be the impetus necessary for us to grow into maturity.

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  12. It must be very depressing for those who’ve come to the conclusion that there is no love left in the world. What a sad thing to hear. Somehow there are some people who always see the problems of life rather than the opportunities. I have a friend who is always very guarded about the good things that might happen. He tells me that he doesn’t meet much disappointment that way and claims he is a realist. I tell him get used to disappointment and in the meantime I’m having a great time.

    I’ll take optimism over realism any day. I enjoyed your article and thoughts.
    Thanks for following my blog.

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    1. Thank you so much! I witness this constantly. I’ve also found that most people find it hard to think out side of their circumstances so I beginning to see that all I can do is all I can do. The rest they have to battle for themselves. Every man or woman should be in search of their highest quality so as to be able to embrace the whole good and bad. But- most of the times, that is not so. Once again, thank you for stopping in.

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      1. Just one more thought on this. I’ve noticed that those who are pessimistic are just unable to think of as many possible solutions to problems as those who are optimistic. Pessimism comes with a victim mentality, it’s someone else’s job to fix your problems. Somehow optimism brings creativity.

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  13. Hi again, I missed out “I” from my comment earlier. I meant to say “I tell him I get used to disappointment and in the meantime I’m having a great time.” It has a different meaning. Cheers

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  14. Wow, that’s deep! I definitely think love exists, but I do think there are many, some of whom are experts, at rousing hatred, ie Hitler. In the case of Hitler, he used something that people already feared and were jealous of – the Jews. He had some backup ideas as well if that cause didn’t stir people, the mentally ill, homosexuals, and several others. To me this all seems to repeat in Trump, hopefully to a lesser degree, and other political personalities through the years on all sides of the political spectrum.
    It is hard to love people who are different from us, who we don’t know, but if we take the time to get to know them, for the most part, we can find something to appreciate. My hope is that we do not have a hate monger in the White House because we don’t want to incite that on ourselves. We are not big and strong enough to take on the world any more than Germany was in the 1940s. Love is a better answer, even though love can be tough. To me love doesn’t mean giving everyone what they want without thought, it means looking for the best in others and helping them find their way towards their personal best.

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    1. Some people only do what they know. The world can be wonderful if you have a thorough understanding that we are all one. When you know that, it’s impossible to hate. Thank you

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  15. Awesome post! Made me stop and THINK. So many ideas that you shared. I will reflect on just one.

    I do believe (feel, think, and act) that love is real. I see it everywhere. (And of course, the opposite is everywhere too). I simply choose, with every breath, with every beat of my heart – to focus on love. Always.💫💛

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  16. Hi Anansi,

    I enjoyed this post and of course it has me thinking about love for maybe the umpteenth time. Seems to me, it is the result of a bond we form with others and some things. So there is no doubt it exists. Unless we become totally unable to form those bonds love will always exist for us.

    Thanks for the follow.


  17. Thanks for the visit and follow on my blog. I have been going through some of your posts and they are insightful. I like the honesty and what seems like ease with which you express yourself.

    I am a true believer in love. I believe it exists but I also believe it is easily accepted and given by people who have been raised in-with love. For others, it would seem more like a choice to believe and live in love based on their background or current circumstance. Geez man, I am about to think deep and write a post in your comment section 🙂

    Anyway, let me pause on this, but thanks for the like and the follow. I am definitely following to keep up with you.


  18. I feel all action good or bad affects everything in existence. If I choose positive acts that like a ripple on a lake continues forever on. Not so much karma but the energy of all that exists. Every action has a reaction.


  19. I read somewhere (wish I remembered where) that bad experiences are more deeply implanted in the brain than good experiences. It makes sense because survival is a strong instinct. We need to remember what is dangerous; what can harm us, like touching fire.

    I have to work hard to think positive thoughts and I do it to have a happier life. Every day I reject negative thoughts and then quote scripture or talk with God; or I start to think of a pleasant memory or something fun I will do that day. This has changed my life from depression to joy.


    1. Thank you so much for that insightful comment. I work hard to positive also and I’m grateful when I hear others are doing the same thing. It forces me back on track and I appreciate it. Thank you so much for your helpful and kind words..


  20. I believe love exists. I see it every day–in squeezed hands in coffee shops and hospital beds, in a mother duck herding her babies, in kindnesses done by strangers. I think it may be that love is harder to SEE for the noise of our society. We are bombarded with information at a pace that never before has been. Peer through it as if through a heavy fog: You’ll see that love is there as it has been all along.


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